Mons. Zito has returned to the Father’s house

Today, October 8, the vice-assistant of the Federation’s Council, Mons. Gaetano Zito, returned to the Father’s house. Let us accompany him with our prayer and our thanks for all he has done for us.

“The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; as it pleases the Lord, so has it happened….”

Remember him as you wish… as a “great man of great learning,” an “outstanding scholar,” a “deeply cultured intellectual,” an “excellent historian,” and none of these would be inappropriate, because he was all of this and even more. But for me he was always and only a true father, an angel that our Lord in his infinite mercy placed on the pathway of my life. No… I am certain that before the Lord none of the grand titles that we humans glory in possessing have any value! Because at the end all passes away….  True? But love remains! Love and the passion with which we live it. The remarkable, vast learning attributed to him did not remain something merely intellectual or abstract in him, but with amazing intelligence he succeeded in translating it into daily actions. His great knowledge served only to demonstrate heavenly realities in concrete forms. He wore every honor with a hearty sense of humor and deep charity. For me he will always be a great man of God. A holy priest. A simple father. As we discovered: an angel …

A Catanian sister